As per the requirements of rule 45 of the I.E. rules that the Government of HIMACHAL PRADESH has constituted the Licensing Board for granting Electrical Contractors Licenses, Supervisor Certificate of Competency and Wireman Permits to the eligible candidates, which the Department of Electrical Inspectorate administers.

In order to achieve quality service at the least possible time, the public in general as well as the consumers and the Licensed Electrical Contractors in particular shall follow the provisions of extant Acts, Rules and various Indian standards for effective/smooth/ immediate compliance of the requirements under the statute expected from the department.

The Licensing Board has been constituted as per H.P. Govt. notification No. MPP-F(6)-75/II dated 4/10/76.

The Licensing Board shall consist of the followings:

1 Chief Electrical Inspector, Himachal Pradesh Chairman
2 Two Non-Official members to be nominated by the State Government from amongst the members of State Legislature Members
3 Senior Most Head of the Electrical Engineering Departments in Government Polytechnics (Representative of the Directorate of Technical Education Members
4 Electrical Inspector, Himachal Pradesh Member Secretary

1. Quorum for the meeting of the Board:- No meeting of the Board shall be held unless three members are present. In the absence of the Chairman the members may elect any one out of them to act as the Chairman of the meeting.

2. Meeting of the Board:- The Board shall ordinarily meet twice a year. They shall also meet for transacting any special business which cannot be disposed of by circulation of papers. 15 clear day’s notice of every meeting shall be sent to each member by the secretary.

3. Functions of the Board:

i) To grant Licenses to the electrical contractors; certificates of competency to the electrical supervisors and permits to the wiremen.

ii) To conduct examinations for granting licenses, certificates of competency and permits mentioned in such clause(i);

iii) To deal with applications and testimonials found to be incorrect and to take such action in each case as may be deemed fit, and to deal with all matters in connection with the electrical contractors’ licenses, Supervisor and Wiremen examination;

iv) To enquire into allegations of incompetence, negligence and breach of the provisions of Rule 45 of the Indian Electricity Rules,1956 and conditions of licenses, certificates and permits as the case may be or of malpractices on the part of the wiring contractors and to take such action as might be deemed proper;

v) To do such other work as the State Govt. , may from time to time direct in connection with the enforcement of the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956;

vi) To maintain a register of electrical contractors, supervisors and wiremen holding licenses, certificate and permits respectively;

vii) Generally, to carryout the provisions of the H.P. Govt. Notification No. MPP-F(6)-26/75-II Dated 4/10/1976.

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